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Right Tide For Ocean Beach Surf Competition

World's Best Surfers Visit San Francisco for Competition



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    It's time to ride the waves.

    Surfing legends from around the world will hit the breaks at Ocean Beach for the Rip Curl Pro Search San Francisco. Surf is up anytime between Tuesday and Nov. 12, according to the San Francisco Appeal online newspaper, whenever the waves are just right.

    Kelly Slater, 39, is the 10-time Association of Surfing Professionals champion, and will be one of the 36 surfers competing in the event, which will run for 27.5 hours over four days.

    Exactly which four days is yet to be determined, the newspaper reported: organizers look at weather forecasts to decide what window of time to pick for the competition.

    The contest is a big deal, and is held in San Francisco this year after competitions in Asia, Europe and Puerto Rico in recent years, the newspaper reported.

    Ocean Beach's break is no slouch; Slater says he expects a lot of "cold and paddling" to navigate the strong currents on San Francisco's west side.

    The event will be held on the northern end of Ocean Beach near stairways 18-20 and will be streamed online in a free webcast at www.live.ripcurl.com, according to Bay City News.