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River Glen Elementary School Robbed of 62 iPads, Laptops

After school parents spent two years fundraising for laptops and iPads, 62 stolen.



    Damian Trujillo reports on the theft of electronics from a San Jose elementary school. (Published Wednesday, Oct. 30, 2013)

    The kids are all right -- but their laptops and iPads are long gone.

    Parents spent two years raising money to buy $70,000 worth of computer equipment for River Glen Elementary School, only to find them all gone -- stolen -- on Monday.

    A total of 31 laptops and 31 iPads in the school's technology room were gone.

    A school district spokeswoman confirmed the theft from the school computer theft. And what's gone is gone: "There are no plans to replace it," San Jose Unified School District spokeswoman Tracy Cook told the Mercury News.

    That's a problem for the students, whose parents spent two years fundraising for the computers -- and who now lack access to technology.

    "It's a huge loss,” Principal Carlos Salcido said. “For some of the students, it's the only place to get reliable Internet access or get access to computer tablets. For them, it’s an even bigger loss.”

    Police say there are no signs of forced entry, and there are no surveillance cameras on campus.

    The school still has computers, but some of the 60 laptops for the 550 students are "older than the children using them," the newspaper reported.

    The district hopes its IT department can help track down the stolen hardware. The PTA says the loss is not fully covered by insurance.

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