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Roach-Infested Mill Valley Eatery Calls Heath Department on Self, Remains Open

Organic eatery in Marin honest and open about its roach problem.



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    At Cafe Del Soul in Mill Valley, everything natural and healthy on the menu is available. Except the folks there are trying to make sure the customers don't eat the cockroaches that are infesting the walls.

    Several colonies of German cockroaches at the all-organic restaurant got so out of hand that the eatery's owners called the local health department on itself, according to the San Francisco Chronicle's food blog.
    Perhaps appreciating the honesty, the health department has not closed Cafe Del Soul, which remained open as of Tuesday, according to the newspaper.
    The "natural and organic" cafe found "horrible" nests of roaches in between its walls and the walls of a neighboring business, according to the newspaper. Health inspectors, while called, have yet to visit the restaurant, according to the newspaper.
    Here's the note posted by manager Sandro De Oliveira:

    To our Community,I feel I need to inform you of a situation that is out of our hands. Despite our best efforts to do and continue to do everything we can to keep our café and the surrounding areas as clean as possible, we feel we are fighting a losing battle because from what we have seen and experienced (been told by outside contractors) the building we are located in is infested with German cockroaches.

    We are working with outside contractors and the building owner to eradicate the problem and will continue to do so, but because of the size of the problem a simple solution is not easy to find.

    Thank you for your understanding and please talk to us about any questions and concerns that you have. Our hope is this information supports you in seeing what and how we do things to the best of our ability and trying to be as true and honest as we can.

    All Staff & Supporters of Café del Soul