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Robbers Use Craigslist to Lure Victims

Unsuspecting users bring cash, then robbed at gun point.



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    Some Oakland robbers have been using craigslist to lure victims.

    Recent robberies in Oakland have police warning people about using craigslist.

    Several victims responded to advertisements on the popular San Francisco-based website before they were robbed.

    They showed up at a meeting place with cash, ready to make an exchange. But instead, they were robbed at gun point. Some of the victims were even assaulted.

    The robberies are happening in East and North Oakland.

    In an alert sent out Monday, the Oakland Police Department gave a few tips to residents using craigslist:

    • Do not agree to meet in secluded or residential areas. Highly populated and well traveled areas are safer.
    • Do not travel to any location carrying a large amount of cash.
    • If someone or something looks suspicious leave. Especially if you arrive at the location and there is no vehicle visible.
    • If you are robbed, give the suspects the property they are asking for; your life is more valuable than your property.

    There is a $10,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. Contact Officer Eric Milina in the Robbery Unit at 510-238-3426.