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Rogue Trails To Be Wiped From Mount Tam

No more freelance trails on Mount Tam.



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    Miguel Vieira
    Only real trails are welcome on Mount Tam.

    Your own private path up Mount Tamalpais is about to be wiped from the face of this earth. Or at least that Marin County mountain.

    The Marin Municipal Water District is busy today removing from Mt. Tam "rogue trails," according to the Marin Independent Journal.

    The county officials are working with members of the Conservation Corps to remove about three miles' worth of "unofficial" trails near spots with sensitive habitats, like the native plants that grow near areas with serpentine rock soils, the newspaper reported.

    Rogue trails are created in a number of ways: hikers, bikers, and some plain old wayward spirits, wandering off the beaten path, the newspaper reported. Some of the trails have been around so long they have their own names.

    After the first three miles of trails are return to a native state, there's plenty more to work on: 53 miles of "undesirable" trail have been identified on Mount Tam, the newspaper reported.