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Russian Hill Murderer May Have Posed as Utility Worker



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    Gary Scott Holland, referred to as a 'true predator' by authorities, pleaded not guilty Friday, Nov. 12, to San Francisco Superior Court Judge Lucy McCabe.


    A chilling murder has residents of Russian Hill rattled, but a suspect has been apprehended.

    According to police, 43-year-old Holland posed as a utility worker to gain entrance to the building of Kathleen Horan. He was apprehended by police after a other residents in the building helped them to compile a composite sketch.

    According to residents, the man was knocking on doors, and had claimed that he was checking for a gas leak. He carried a toolbox, wore a hard hat and reflective vest.

    Horan was found in her apartment at around 4:30 am on Saturday, just hours after returning home from a trip to Argentina with her mother. She worked as a publicist and was a well-liked neighborhood philanthropist. She also imported jewelry. The manner of death is still undetermined.

    Items belonging to the victim were later found outside the building. Holland was seen outside the building on Friday night, and in addition to matching the description provided by witnesses, he is on parole for attempted murder in Fresno.

    Although the prime suspect in the case is now in custody, police recommend that the public always ask to see identification for any utility worker who comes to your door.