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San Francisco Supes Pass Budget

Mayor expected to sign, but money withheld as "insurance" to keep Newsom honest



    San Francisco Supes Pass Budget
    Marshall Astor
    The folks in City Hall have finally made their $6.6 billion in budget sausage, and no, you may not want to know what's in it.

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 9-2 to approve a $6.6 billion budget, with one more vote and the mayor's signature all that's left to finally get it passed.

    $510,000 for the ballet, opera and American Conservatory Theater was instead shifted to children's programs; $483,000 towards a deputy chief and two commanders for the police department was shifted to the public campaign financing fund; and money was moved around to help restore cuts to the public defender's office.

    As for the $43.7 million which the supes restored to programs that were initially slashed in the mayor's proposed budget, the board took measures to make sure the mayor actually spends that money.

    $45 million allocated to the six largest city departments, including the police and fire departments, was put on reserve.

    "Nothing will happen to that money" assuming Mayor Gavin Newsom follows the budget approved by the board, said Supervisor David Campos.

    That money was at least nominally put away in case the state decides to raid city coffers -- which it's likely to do, based on the latest budget proposed by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    Photo by Marshall Astor.

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