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SF Could Face Simultaneous Muni & Cab Strikes



    SF Could Face Simultaneous Muni & Cab Strikes
    Anti gun ads have long been seen on Muni but what about the opposite. Photo: Troy Holden on Flickr

    The City may grind to a halt this summer with simultaneous strikes by both Muni drivers and cab drivers.

    The problems stem entirely from issues with Nat Ford's SFMTA. The City agency is in the midst of a difficult contract negotiation with Muni drivers, and also recently imposed new rules on cab drivers.

    Under the MTA's new regulations, cab drivers have to fork over 5 percent of all credit card transactions. According to the MTA, the fees cover processing fees, which drivers say can cost them several hundred a month. The MTA handles taxis' credit card processing in an attempt to keep costs down, but that seems to have backfired.

    Cab drivers are now threatening a partial shutdown. In response, the MTA may raise cab fares to make up for the drivers' lost revenue.

    Meanwhile, Muni drivers recently voted to authorize a strike. It's unclear whether such an action would be legal, but with the contract expiring in just a few weeks all bets are off.

    Meanwhile, Bike to Work Day is coming up on May 12. So if you don't own a bike yet, you may want to invest before all of your other transportation options disappear.