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Cell Phone Theft Map Shows Bay Area Hot Spots

Cell phone companies are motivated by profit, SF DA says.



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    Devices are too attractive theft targets -- in part because device companies are not working enough to make thieves not interested, according to SF's District Attorney.

    When it comes to cell phone thefts, there are people out there who aren't doing their fair share of prevention, according to San Francisco's top law enforcement officials.

    • A map of the areas most rife with cell phone thefts was published by InfoWorld.com. Check and see how your area ranks here.

    It's the cell phone companies themselves, according to San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón, who suggests that the companies' bottom line is aided by device thefts, the San Francisco Examiner reported.

    "I get this thing stolen and now I’ve got to buy another one,” Gascón told the newspaper. The telecommunications industry is not "doing everything they can" to stop the thefts, he said. Instead, they're “making a ton of money,” he told the newspaper.

    Half of San Francisco's robberies now involve the theft of an iPhone, Android or other device, the newspaper reported. There were 3,190 robberies in San Francisco in the most-recent year, according to the newspaper's Mike Aldax.

    A simple solution would be to have technology that disables a phone that is reported stolen. To date, there is a national registry that allows users to report the theft of their phone.