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SF Elementary School Victim of Conservative Website's Hoax

The tale of an S.F. student suspended for saying "Merry Christmas" was a hoax.



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    Saying "Merry Christmas" in school won't get you suspended.

    But the notion of it -- even if it's untrue -- can get one San Francisco school a lot of unwanted attention.

    Extra security and precautions had to be taken at Argonne Elementary School in San Francisco's Richmond District, thanks to a satirical website's post, according to reports.

    National Report, a right-leaning website (with photos of Sen. Ted Cruz and former Gov. Sarah Palin on its banner), posted last week a story about a 9-year-old student suspended from school for saying "Merry Christmas" to an atheist teacher, according to the Richmond District blog.

    It was a hoax, but of course, the school was set in San Francisco -- and of course, the story made real people really mad.

    The school in the faux story was Argonne Elementary School -- and it was Argonne Elementary School in the Richmond that received the hundreds of angry phone calls, emails and other messages from Christmas-lovers across the country, according to SF Weekly.

    National Report since changed the name of the school on its website to "Anon," but it was the taxpayers who still had to pay for extra security at the real school as well as setting up a phone line to explain the hoax, the newspaper reported.