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SF Has Nation's 'Best' Gas Prices

SF exceeds rest of U.S. -- can we catch up to Germany's $8.35/gallon?



    SF Has Nation's 'Best' Gas Prices
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    San Francisco's managed to achieve what no other city in the country has done: gas prices have soared to $4.22, way above the national average of $3.76. We're number one!

    Congratulations are clearly in order for the remarkable accomplishment. According to The Bay Citizen, San Franciscans can thank instability in Libya for helping them surpass the rest of the country. But our gas is still a lowly bargain compared to Istanbul ($9.63), Germany ($8.35), and Oslo ($9.27). Now that's something to aspire to.

    Gas is 12 cents per gallon in Venezuela, which sounds pretty appealing as long as you don't mind the risk of abduction by rebels or a dictatorial regime.

    Drivers are making the most of San Francisco's distinctive prices by spending plenty of time driving their automobiles. Higher gas prices have apparently not caused a decrease in the amount that people drive, use public transit, walk, or bike.

    So far, Mideast political unrest has not affected the price of bicycles.

    Although the number of cars on the road hasn't changed, some drivers seem to be opting for more fuel-efficient vehicles.

    And there's more good news: we can look forward to even loftier prices soon, due to more political unrest, natural disasters, and the exhaustion of the world's supply of petroleum, which won't be replenished for several million years. So enjoy it while there's still some left!