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SF Hotels Jacking Up Prices for NYE

Beware hotel price gouging.



    Not Getting Enough Sleep? What’s Your Excuse?

    Planning on getting a room in San Francisco this New Year's Eve? You may want to book it sooner than later.

    According to a comparative survey from SanFranciscoHotels.net, many hotels in the City are pumping up their rates - some as much as 450% between Dec. 31,  and Jan. 1.

    More than fifty lodging establishments with rooms to rent, are charging 140% more, on average, compared to regular rates, while other are charging even more.

    Places to watch out for include Cova Hotel, which is charging $460 for a room, rather than their normal $124 and Nob Hill Hotel in Union Square, charging $599 on New Year's Eve as opposed to their regular $109.

    Strangely, these are the two and three star places. The 4-star hotels, have only raised their prices by 30% on average, with luxury hotels only 12%.