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SF Joins Call to End the Playboy Club



    SF Joins Call to End the Playboy Club
    Not everyone is excited about NBC's new show "The Playboy Club."

    The San Francisco Commission on the Status of Women is joining a national call for NBC to drop one of its shows before it even airs.

    A letter-writing campaign has been urging the network to end its show "The Playboy Club," which tells the story of the original Playboy Club in 1960s Chicago.

    The City commission, whose focus "is to ensure women and girls equal economic, social, political and educational opportunities throughout" San Francisco, is calling on anyone who will listen to boycott the show because it is demeaning to women.

    But like all things in San Francisco, a stance can't come without a resistance.

    Former Playboy bunny and current San Francisco resident, Sharron Long, told the San Francisco Examiner that the criticism is unwarranted.

    She said she worked at two separate Playboy Clubs and in addition to making good money, Long said there were several provisions in place to protect bunnies from being harassed or mistreated.

    “Our liberal city speaking out against Playboy … have they truly lost their minds?” she said.

    Perhaps. But early reviews on the show may prove to be more maddening for the show's producers.