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SF Mayoral Hopefuls Forgot to Vote



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    Not all of San Francisco's mayoral hopefuls have the best voting record.

    She wants your vote. Don't forget, even though she did a couple of times. Ok, 24 times.

    San Francisco mayoral candidate Joanna Rees, one of nine favorites for mayor in the November election, was a busy businesswoman and venture capitalist over the last decade or so -- so busy, in fact, that she often forgot to vote, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Rees missed 24 out of 37 elections since 1992, according to elections data analyzed by the newspaper. She voted for president four times, but has not cast a ballot in a race for San Francisco mayor, the office she is seeking, in any of the past three elections, dating back to 1999.

    Candidate Leland Yee, a state senator, amassed a perfect 39-for-39 voting record over that same time period. David Chiu and Michela Alioto-Pier both missed two elections. Phil Ting missed one election in 1998.

    Another candidate, Supervisor John Avalos, missed five elections between 1998 and 2000 according to data on file with the Department of Elections, a no-show record which he disputes.

    “It’s just crazy,” Avalos told the newspaper, which noted that Avalos was involved in election campaigns during that time frame. “If they don’t have a record of my voting in those key elections, there was a major problem at the Department of Elections at that time.”

    As for Rees, she expressed remorse for not voting as much as she could have.

    "Reflecting on my past, I regret that I didn't vote for some years of my adult life," she wrote on a blog post. "I missed an opportunity and a right."