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SF Official Looks to Pull Russian Investments Over LGBT Abuse

Russia's bad record on LGBT issues is echoing in San Francisco.



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    This is not welcome in Russia, which is making a San Francisco city leader unhappy.

    Russia's bad record on LGBT issues -- including tolerating violence towards gay people -- may hurt the country in its wallet.

    A San Francisco elected official is looking to withdraw cash from the city's $16.3 billion pension fund from any investments in Russian firms, according to reports.

    Buzzfeed brings news of Supervisor Scott Wiener, who wrote to the city's Employee Retirement System, asking to identify and then possibly withdraw investments in Russian firms.

    "I wish to know whether the City purchases goods or services from Russian businesses and whether we invest San Francisco pension funds in Russian securities," Wiener wrote.

    "As you know, Russia recently adopted extreme, homophobic legislation criminalizing the LGBT community," he continued. "It is critical that San Francisco, as a long-time safe haven for LGBT people and a world leader in LGBT civil rights, make a strong statement against these actions."

    San Francisco has also divested from funds connected to South Africa's former apartheid regime and has called for a disconnection from fossil fuels.