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SF Police Officers Could be Equipped with Video Cameras

Police misconduct allegations could lead to changes.



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    The latest video allegedly showing police misconduct has led new San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr to consider a change, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    Suhr is apparently talking about equipping officers with cameras. The department wants to equip officers with cameras that would be used during a drug bust or arrest that requires consent or a search warrant.

    Suhr says his plan already has support from the Police Officers Association, but still needs to be approved by the Police Commission.

    At least six videos have been released this year allegedly showing police misconduct. The latest footage was released Tuesday by Public Defender Jeff Adachi. It apparently shows two officers walking into a building empty handed and walking out with bags of stuff.

    San Jose police already use a form of officer cameras. In 2009, they started equipping officers with audio-video recorders that attach to the officer like a Bluetooth.