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SF Restaurants Still Hate Food Trucks, Food Truck Rules

The rules governing San Francisco food trucks are disliked by restaurants as well as truck operators.



    SF Restaurants Still Hate Food Trucks, Food Truck Rules
    Vito Di Stefano

    French, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese -- if there's something all San Francisco restaurants can agree on, it's this: food trucks.

    They stink.

    The mobile food vendors remain on brick-and-mortar restaraunteurs' blacklists, even as the city of San Francisco has stepped in with regulations, the San Francisco Examiner reported. Reason being, the rules don't go far enough for "a small army" of food trucks to descend on areas where the Financial District's lunchtime crowd congregates, sapping sales from established eateries who pay rent, according to the Building Owners and Managers' Association.

    This puts a "real hurt on the small businesses that have been here for decades," BOMA's Ken Cleveland told the newspaper.

    BOMA, which represents landlords' interests -- and in this case, the finances of their tenants -- and a group of downtown eateries including Portico's Restaurant, Orale Orale, a Subway franchise and a 7-11 location have all taken legal action to block the permitting of more food trucks seeking to set up downtown, the newspaper reported.

    The stuck-in-one-place restaurants feel that the rules are too loose, and don't restrict enough a food truck's hours of operation or how many trucks can congregate in any one place.

    For their part, food trucks don't like the rules either: the rules mean any one party can appeal the location of any one food truck -- and while that truck's one location is on appeal, it cannot set up anywhere else, the newspaper reported. That caused the owners of one truck to lose $10,000 - $15,000 while it sat unused during a months-long appeal process, the newspaper reported.