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SF Supe Pushes Family-Friendly Work Options

Working from home could be a right -- for parents -- if a proposed law passes.



    San Francisco Board of Supervisors president David Chiu (center) is proposing a ballot measure for family-friendly workplace rules. Joe Rosato Jr. reports. (Published Wednesday, June 12, 2013)

    Living in San Francisco is hard enough -- so why not work from home to make things easier while balancing life, a career, and a family? A San Francisco elected official has got your back.

    Supervisor David Chiu is pushing for flexible work rules, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

    Chiu wants to put a measure on the ballot that would allow the families that have the few remaining children in the city -- just 13.5 percent of the population, according to the 2010 Census -- to have some options for work, the newspaper reported.

    Parents would have the "right to request" a flexible work schedule that might allow things like telecommuting or adjusting their work hours, the newspaper reported.

    Employers would be compelled to allow their employees to do things like work from home, and could stop them only if they could prove that the flexibility would cause the company an "undue hardship," the newspaper reported.

    A similar proposal has stalled in Congress.

    Other companies, such as Yahoo, have cut down or stopped allowing workers to telecommute altogether.