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SF Supervisors Lobbied to Back Run Ed Run Effort



    SF Supervisors Lobbied to Back Run Ed Run Effort
    Ed Lee is sworn is as mayor of San Francisco.

    He said he wouldn't run, and they said they wouldn't vote him in if he ran.

    Nonetheless, someone is busy pressuring the San Francisco Board of Supervisors to back Mayor Ed Lee to run in for a full four-year term in November, despite his promise -- and their vote as a condition of that promise -- that he would not run for a full term.

    News of the endorsement effort came the same day as Lee for the first time refused to rule out a run for mayor, according to local reports.

    Supervisor Sean Elsernd has been "repeatedly lobbied" by people from "across industries and, surprisingly, by people who I thought were lined up with other candidates," he told the San Francisco Chronicle.

    "They have told me they are reaching out to all the members of the Board, or at least all of the members who aren't running for mayor," added Elsbernd, who said that he would be consistent in his pledge to not support Lee if he broke his promise.

    Of the six supervisors who voted for Ed Lee to become mayor, only Carmen Chu, from the Sunset District, voiced support for a Lee run.

    Sophie Maxwell, who was termed out after voting to support Lee, said a Lee run would be a "betrayal."