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SF Warns Residents About Fat, Lazy Pigeons



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    Put the bird feed down.

    That is the message from San Francisco's Department of Public Works, who sent out a note this week to residents warning them against feeling pigeons.

    Not only is feeding the rats with wings illegal but it can actually harm the bird. The City is warning that overfeeding the birds can lead to unsanitary conditions and can actually lead to an overpopulation of pigeons in San Francisco.

    Pigeons normally breed no more than three times a year, producing two eggs at a time, according to the San Francisco Examiner. But overfed pigeons tend to breed up to eight times a year.

    And the more the birds get fed, the lazier the birds get in a sense. Hefty pigeons lose their ability to scavenge for food and survive on their own and like humans, too much food can lead to the birds getting sick.