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SF Zoo's New Bird Says, 'Go Away'



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    Perhaps the Lady Ross's turaco also frequents this store in New Jersey.

    The San Francisco Zoo's latest acquisition is a bird that can talk -- or at least squawk in a way that sounds recognizable to word-hungry humans. And what a talking bird it is.

    The bird says, "Go away." What better way to welcome visitors? Quite the feel-good ambassador, right? But, he comes by it honest.

    The bird is a 5-year old male Lady Ross's turaco, according to the San Francisco Appeal online newspaper. These birds are often referred to as "Go Away" birds because their call sounds like someone saying, "G'way," according to zoo officials.

    The turaco will join approximately other 25 birds in the zoo's aviary, recognizable, possibly, by being all by itself, if the other birds heed. Otherwise, zoo visitors can look for the red and green pigments on the bird's feathers. The turaco is the only bird in the world with "true red and green colors," according to the zoo.

    Oddly, the turaco -- which is abundantly found throughout its native Africa -- is known as a very social bird, according to zookeepers. Guess it just likes playing hard to get.