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Asiana Airlines Crash in San Francisco

Asiana Airlines Crash in San Francisco

Three Dead, 182 Hospitalized After Fiery Crash

SFO Plane Crash First Responders Tell Their Stories



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    First responders to the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crash at SFO recounted their experiences at a press conference Monday, July 8, 2013.

    At a press conference held Monday at San Francisco International Airport, first responders from San Francisco's Police and Fire Departments gave firsthand accounts of what they experienced during the rescue efforts immediately following Saturday's crash of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 that killed two people and injured 182.

    Fire Lt. Crissy Emmons

    I feel very lucky and blessed that we were able to get those people out in that time.


    Fire Lt. Dave Monteverdi

    It just seemed surreal, like it wasn't happening.


    Fire Rescue Capt. Tony Molloy

    I'm very proud of everything that they (firefighters) did and to be associated with them.


    Police Lt. Gaetano Caltagirone

    As a boss, it was amazing to see that I really didn't need to tell them (officers) much to do. They knew what they had to do.  They didn't worry about themselves, they worried about the lives of the people that they needed to save.


    Police Officer Jim Cunningham

    They were really brave, the crew. They wanted to stay with the plane and make sure everybody was off.