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SFPD Attacked During Saturday Occupy March

Both attackers made way back into crowd without detection.



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    A protester holds a sign during an Occupy demonstration in San Francisco.

    Two police officers were attacked with sharp objects by protestors in an Occupy San Francisco march Saturday afternoon, police said.

    Protestors were marching in the area of Embarcadero and Broadway around 3:30 p.m. when the attacks occurred, according to police.

    Officers accompanying the march were attempting to prevent demonstrators from taking over the middle of the intersection, where Muni light rail lines are located.

    Police say a woman emerged from the crowd and attacked one of the officers with what was described as an exacto blade attached to a pen or pencil like object.

    She allegedly slashed the inside of the officers hand and ran back into the crowd before the officer had time to realize he had been cut. At the same location, a protestors allegedly grabbed the radio of another officer and tried to run away into the crowd.

    When the officer pursued him, another demonstrator allegedly pushed the officer and cut his face and tore his uniform.

    The officer was able to retrieve his radio, but both attackers escaped back into the crowd, police said.

    Police are asking any witnesses to come forward to help identify the suspects and provide statements.