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SFPD Misconduct Allegations Lead to Dropped Cases



    SFPD Misconduct Allegations Lead to Dropped Cases
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    SAN FRANCISCO - MAY 05: San Francisco Police Chief George Gascon pauses during a news conference at the San Francisco Hall of Justice May 5, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Chief Gascon discussed the ongoing investigation and corrective action of the San Francisco police crime lab where a technician tampered with and stole drug samples which jeaoparded hundreds of drug cases and possible convictions. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

    San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon announced Wednesday that he is dropping a total of 57 criminal cases because of recent allegations of misconduct by San Francisco police officers.

    San Francisco Public Defender Jeff Adachi is the one making the claims, along with a list of private lawyers who represent the people who claim their were victimized by police.

    Adachi has released a total of four video surveillance tapes that he says show officers violating suspects' constitutional rights during busts at residential hotels around Christmastime.

    "We have examined the pending cases and based on the information known to date, we cannot proceed with the prosecution of 57 cases at this time. Fifteen of these cases have already been dismissed. The remainder will be calendared and dismissed today," Gason said Wednesday. He added that the felony cases could be refiled if there was a change in circumstances.

    The FBI is also part of the investigation and say they have the cooperation of the SFPD.