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SF's Best Coffee Found in an App



    SF's Best Coffee Found in an App

    San Francisco is many things, but shy about it's caffeine addiction isn't one of them.

    A new iPhone app (hey, you can't make calls on it anyway) called "San Francisco's Best Coffee" pinpoints the 60 'best' independent coffee houses in the 7x7.

    (Of course, the fact that the Blue Crow Media and Blue Bottle Coffee share a certain hue to their names shouldn't sway you -- though we're not sure it didn't sway them.)

    Blue Crow has one other coffee app and it's based on London. Leveraging two such elegant cities is good marketing-by-association thinking.

    The SF app gets a five-star rating (based on eight submissions), while London is sporting a five-star as well, but is offered for free. (Hey, what's up with that? Too difficult to work out the Euro conversion?)

    We citydwellers will shell out 99 cents.