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SJ Councilman Gets DUI

A night out drinking with friends ended in the arrest of a San Jose council man.



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    A San Jose elected official says he made a terrible error in judgment Friday night.

    A member of the San Jose city council was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol.

    Ash Kalra was quick to admit what he calls "a terrible error in judgment."

    Kalra, who represents District 2 in south San Jose, said he was pulled over after spending Friday evening with friends that included drinking alcohol.

    CHP officers pulled the councilman over near Market and San Fernando for broken tail light. During the stop the officers reportedly found his blood alcohol level was at .12. The legal limit is .08.

    Kalra is single, and the city's first Indian-American to be elected to the city council.  He was elected in November 2008.

    Kalra said he has no excuses. "I am deeply embarrassed by my action and I am prepared to take the full consequences for them," he said in a statement.