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SJ Firefighter Injured in Apartment Blaze

A roof collapsed on top of a fire captain, sending him to the hospital.



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    San Jose firefighters called a third alarm as they fought an apartment fire Thanksgiving night.

    The fire was  at a six unit complex on Willow Leaf Drive in San Jose near Leigh Avenue just outside Willow Glen.  

    Flames were seen shooting from the roof of the second story of the complex, according to a fire spokesperson.

    A firefighter was injured when a roof collapsed on top of him during the fire fight. A firefighter on the scene said a fire captain was taken to the hospital. Early reports listed his injuries as minor. 

    Crews had the fire under control by 10 p.m.

    A cause was not known.

    One of the family's who lived in the six unit complex had a fire burning in their fireplace when someone knocked on their door to tell them the complex was on fire.

    Two of the six units suffered major damage. Other units suffered smoke and water damage.