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SJ: Foam Belongs in Lattes, Not Cups

SJ City Council might ban plastic foam containers.



    SJ: Foam Belongs in Lattes, Not Cups

    The San Jose City Council appears to be on an environmental warpath of sorts.
    After successfully battling to ban plastic and most paper grocery bags, city leaders are targeting another landfill foe -- Styrofoam containers. 


    On Tuesday, city leaders will vote on new rules that would ban plastic foam use by food vendors at special events on city property with over 1,000 attendees starting in May 2010.  
    But Styrofoam isn't going down without a fight.
    According to the Mercury News, the Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers says polystyrene packaging is a recyclable material that shouldn't be subject to a ban. 
    A website maintained by the alliance says polystyrene can be "easily recycled into new foam packaging or durable consumer goods."
    However, the alliance's website also states "food service EPS [plastic foam] materials are usually NOT accepted" at recycling locations.
    If the proposal passes, San Jose will be part of an alliance of its own.
    A variety of Bay Area cities, including Oakland and San Francisco, have already restricted the use of plastic foam carryout containers.