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SJ Residents Worried About Safety

The community is concerned about crime, following Chief Chris Moore's retirement annoucement



    SJ Public Voices Concerns on Crime

    In the wake of Chief Moore's retirement announcement, the community gathered Tuesday to express their concerns about safety. (Published Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012)

    August was a wake-up call for violent crime in San Jose.

    Police Chief Chris Moore’s sudden announcement of his resignation Monday was a shock for some of the people who live here.

    “I was actually kind of surprised. I thought the timing of that was very interesting considering the up tick you’re talking about," said Jim Sadler, who lives in San Jose.

    There's been an uptick in murders, rapes and burglaries in a city, once known as America’s biggest safest city.

    San Jose Police Chief Announces Retirement

    [BAY] San Jose Police Chief Announces Retirement
    Chris Moore will retire after a career in law enforcement that began in 1982. Councilman Pete Constant lashes out. Cheryl Hurd reports.
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012)

    There was a community meeting, hosted by the San Jose Police Officers' Association and other unions, in East San Jose at the YMCA Tuesday night to address that issue.

    “I think I’m angry at the people that run this city that really aren’t listening. I think this could have come to a better place had they listened,”  Margie Thompson, a former crime prevention specialist said.

    That anger spilled over at San Jose’s city council meeting, seven miles down the road. The council held a study session on the police department response to recent crimes and gang activity.

    Residents listened to crime reports and later told the mayor and council members that they are aware that violence is on the rise in San Jose and something needs to be done to stop it.