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SJC:The Loneliest Airport; SFO Has Prizes

Mineta International



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    Mineta San Jose International Airport has been ranked as the loneliest airport for Thanksgiving travelers.

    If you're flying out of San Jose next week for Thanksgiving, you probably will not have a lot of company.

    Mineta international is going to be the least busy of the nation's 50 major airports according to

    SJC has been dubbed "the loneliest airport in the country" by the site. The unwanted title is not new to mineta. It received the same award in 2009.

    Maybe if SJC offered prizes, like SFO does, they'd get more people waiting in the security lines for what often seems like days on end.

    Turns out, travelers flying out of SFO this Thanksgiving could take home a prize. SFO Twitter followers can enter a contest to win an iPad and other prizes.

    Contestants who fly in and out of SFO from Nov. 21-23 can participate in the contest. They will search for clues in the airport to help a turkey named "Pardon" catch a plane to escape being Thanksgiving dinner.

    The airport says the contest is to help people into the Thanksgiving spirit.