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SJSU Ends Free Pass for Locals

SJSU faces a $50 million budget cut



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    San Jose State University

    Bad news for locals today. San Jose State University said it has decided to end the "local area guarantee" program.

    President Mohammad Qayoumi announced the decision Tuesday morning, saying locals will no longer get a free pass starting in the Fall 2013 semester.

    SJSU had made a practice of accepting all CSU-eligible applicants, including some from Santa Clara County high schools and community colleges. 

    “Historically, San Jose State accepted all eligible Californians,” Qayoumi said. “SJSU began limiting admissions in 2009 for students from outside our community, but maintained a local guarantee for CSU-eligible applicants. Steep budget cuts have left SJSU no other choice but to reduce enrollment in the most fair and equitable ways possible.”

    Quayoumi said locals will still get preferential treatment.

    He also put the blame for the change squarely on Sacramento.

    “This situation is caused by the failure of our elected officials in Sacramento to adequately fund the CSU in general and SJSU in particular,” Qayoumi said. “We Californians have failed to make the hard but important decisions to invest in the future of our youth.”

    He also said if funding goes back up, the admissions policy will return to the status quo.