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SPCA Offloading "Certified Pre-Owned" Stock

Their engines really do purrrrr



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    Certified, pre-owned cats are going for bargain-basement prices at the SF SPCA.

    Push, pull or drag your old gas guzzler to the lot for this one-time special! There may not be another chance like this! These cats must go TODAY!

    Uh, cats? That's right. Cats ... the feline kind.

    The San Francisco SPCA is taking the car-salesman approach to help ease their stock of used cats. It will cost just $10 for a "vintage" cat -- one that's six years or older, and $25 for one younger than that.

    From the group's web site: "Low $ down, 0% financing -- for a limited time only! Your mileage may vary."

    The cat-campaign has some animal activists concerned that it could be an irresponsible way to lighten the load at the shelter. Some might see the low-priced, older cats as bait for pit bull fights, they suggest. But, as the The San Francisco Snitch points out, those who pay for a pet are less likely to abuse it.

    The used car-style marketing plan is not exclusive to San Francisco. Shelters in Nevada and Utah have also been marketing their vintage felines with the automotive angle.