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SPCA Still Seeking Jack Daniels



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    This photo shows the cloudy eyes of a stolen kitten from San Francisco.

    A stolen kitten named Jack Daniels remains missing three days after being stolen from a San Francisco animal shelter.

    The San Francisco SPCA released a new picture of the kitty Friday that shows a better image of his eyes appearing cloudy.  Animal shelter officials say the eyes are the best way to identify the animal.

    Jack Daniels was apparently stolen from Maddie's Adoption Center on Florida Street sometime Wednesday.

    He needs medical help because he is partially blind and doesn't have all his shots.

    SPCA spokeswoman Kiska Icard said workers at the shelter noticed he was missing around 4 p.m. Wednesday as they were handing off his brother Jim Beam up for adoption.

    "Our animals are not in cages. They're all in rooms. So, someone  saw an opportunity where no one was watching and took him," Icard said.
    Icard said the shelter has video cameras and that the tapes have been checked, but they do not show anything unusual.

    Icard said they have also checked with the people who adopted Jim Beam and they do not have his twin brother.

    The kitty would have had to go through three doors to escape on his own, so Icard said that option is not likely.

    The shelter has 65 room that remain unlocked so that volunteers can have easy access to feed and care for the animals.

    Jack Daniels has a microchip the size of a grain of rice implanted in his shoulder, so any shelter with the same technology will be able to identify him if he is found.

    Icard is so eager to get the kitty back she is giving out her personal cell phone and asking anyone with information to call her.  That number is 415-760-4265.

    Jack Daniels is a male black cat weighing about three pounds.  Again, his eyes are cloudy.

    Because he has a microchip, he can be dropped off at any shelter no questions asked and the people at Maddie's will be able to find her.

    When asked what could have motivated someone to steal the kitten, Icard said it could have been the $100 adoption fee.  But she quickly added that they have a glut of kittens right now and often work with the public to reduce that cost.