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Sac Zoo Keeping Watch Over Expectant Anteater



    Sac Zoo Keeping Watch Over Expectant Anteater
    Sacramento Zoo
    The Sacramento Zoo released this ultrasound of their giant anteater's ultrasound.

    While everyone ooohs and ahhhs over the baby panda in San Diego and watches San Francisco's newest gorilla, baby Hasanni, grow, Northern Californians will soon have another baby animal to admire.

    Experts at the Sacramento Zoo announced this week that they are keeping watch over another soon-to-be-mother -- an expectant anteater. An ultrasound on Wednesday revealed that Amber, the zoo's giant anteater, is carrying a little one. It will be the zoo's first giant anteater birth.

    Amber will deliver her mini me in April, after a 180-day gestation. It will be a true "stand and deliver" moment, as the animals give birth while standing up. The newborn will climb aboard mommy's back and ride there for up to a year, the zoo tells us.

    The new creature might not be as cute as the baby panda or gorilla, but to animal lovers, Amber's bundle of joy won't be just a face only a mother can love.