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Sacramento Mayor Gets His Suit Back



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    Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson's favorite suit is on the way back to the safety of his closet.

    The suit was among the items in his garment bag that was swiped during a visit to San Francisco as the former NBA-er helped an elderly man get into a cab over the weekend.

    Johnson's assistant got a call on Tuesday from a man who said he found the bag on one of the City's streets.

    Dean Nastahowski and his girlfriend were walking to a restaurant in Union Square when they came across the bag, he told the Sacramento Bee. He tought nothing of it but the "really nice clothes" inside gave him a clue that that this wasn't just some regular street trash.

    Nastahowski's friend told him he heard an important person had been robbed on the City streets so he checked the jacket pocket and found one of Johnson's business cards.

    The suit wasn't just any nicely-tailored duds fit for an athlete-turned politician. It's the one Johnson wore during his first visit to the White House 10 years ago when he met then-President Bill Clinton. Here's a picture from Mayor KJ's flickr photostream that shows the pair walking together, both decked out in fancy threads.

    Nastahowski restored Mayor KJ's faith in the good and honest people of San Francisco, he wrote in his blog, and for that, he won't go unrewarded.

    "I will say he will receive a reward and personal thanks from me."