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Salinas Students Come to Aid of Injured Elderly Woman

The students appeared to do the right thing without thinking twice



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    About 10 students from Salinas High School came to the aid of a woman who fell down this afternoon, helped stop the bleeding from her head and stayed with her until an ambulance arrived, Salinas police said.

    At about 12:45 p.m. Thursday, the woman, who is in her 60s, was walking on the sidewalk in front of the high school at 726 S. Main St. when she stumbled and struck her head on the concrete, police said.

    The woman suffered a deep cut to her forehead and started to bleed heavily, police said. The approximately 10 students, who were returning to campus from lunch, saw her fall and immediately came to her aid, police said.

    One student phoned 911, another used the woman's phone to notify the woman's friend and several gave her napkins to help stop the bleeding and talked to her to keep her calm, police said.

    The students remained by her until police and medical personnel arrived, police said. Students repeatedly asked police officers if there was anything more they could do for her and when they were assured there was not, the students returned to class, police said.

    "The victim was very grateful to the students for taking the time to stop and help her," Salinas police said in a statement.

    "She did not know any of them and they left before we could get their names."

    Police issued the news release describing the incident "to thank the unnamed students of Salinas High School for their assistance and willingness to help a stranger in need."