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Samsung Targets iPad With New Tablet

This one is actually really good



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    Samsung's new Galaxy Tab is one of the most impressive Android tablets to hit the market yet.

    First things first:  This review will not say anything is an "iPad Killer."  Nothing will "kill" the iPad, so let's get that out of the way.

    But Samsung is really onto something with its newest Galaxy Tab 10.1.  The Android-powered device will hit the market next month, and it comes with a super-thin, lightweight body and enough features to make even an Apple fan raise his or her eyebrows.

    What Samsung has done that many other tablet-makers have missed, is to make their tab consumer-friendly.  It's easy to use and fly through, and we haven't been able to say that about all the other Android tablets.  With Google Voice and Cloud Music Service built in, there's enough here to really enjoy, and thanks to Android, geeks can get really deep into their device.

    Where it comes up short is also Android-related.  The app store is still a little shy on must-have apps.  For example, before I spring for a tablet, it's gotta have the Netflix app ready to go.  That said, the Galaxy 10.1 is a worthy competitor to the iPad, and if you're already an Android fan, this is the best tab of its kind that we've seen yet.

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