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San Francisco Minimum Wage Needs A Raise, Mayor Says

Mayor Ed Lee wants a bigger minimum wage.



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    Mayor Ed Lee is seen in this Getty file image.

    To do San Francisco's most menial tasks, $15 an hour is a fair wage, according to Mayor Ed Lee.

    "'No one is going to live on $10.74,'" which is the current wage, the mayor told the San Francisco Examiner on Tuesday.

    Whether the wages go as high as $15 remains to be seen -- that's the figure that fast food workers are demanding, the mayor noted -- but the consensus is that the current lowest wage is too low.

    Currently, property in San Francisco is off-limits for poor workers: In order to afford a market-rate two-bedroom, a worker would need to not sleep much -- and work 4.6 minimum wage jobs, according to estimates.

    California's minimum wage is $8, but will increase to $10 an hour in 2016.

    In San Francisco, minimum wage is $10.55, but will be $10.74 on Jan. 1.

    At the airport, it's a bit better: $12.66 is what people get.

    The city has one of the nation's highest minimum wages already, and business leaders think that "job creators" might have a tough time with higher pay for workers.