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San Franciscans Love Cops, Dislike Board of Supervisors

SFPD, Ed Lee enjoy high marks in SF opinion poll.



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    Mat Luschek
    Mayor Ed Lee and SFPD enjoyed high marks in an approval rating poll.

    In a battle royale between cops and politicians, police prevail every time.

    At least according to an annual poll analyzing San Francisco residents' likes and dislikes. A full 72 percent of respondents expressed favorable views of the San Francisco Police Department, with only 18 percent unfavorable, according to the San Francisco Examiner.

    The Board of Supervisors was viewed unfavorably by 33 percent of respondents, with a 45 percent favorable rating. Top political dog is Mayor Ed Lee, who is viewed favorably by 68 percent of citizens.

    The Board enjoyed the same ratings as the San Francisco Unifed School District, according to the poll, conducted by David Binder Research.

    Nothing in town was so universally loathed as to be seen unfavorably by a majority of residents. Just how forgiving are San Franciscans? Even Muni is mostly liked: 49 percent saw the city's transit system in a favorable light, with only 40 percent seeing red.