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San Francisco Considering Ban on Cat Declawing

City may join West Hollywood in ban on popular elective feline surgery



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    More cats with claws mean more cats in trees, so what will the SFFD have to say on the issue?

    Upholsterers would win and veterinarians would lose if San Francisco's Board of Supervisors decides to purse a recommendation to ban cat de-clawing in the city.

    The procedure, which removes the last knuckle of a cats toes, is popular with cat owners who like their furniture.

    However, it's called "barbaric" by animal rights activists, and is banned in many parts of Europe.

    And we all known how much San Francisco wishes it was actually in Europe.

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    A 5-1 vote by the San Francisco Commission of Animal Control and Welfare supported a ban based on a similar one in West Hollywood.

    Veterinarians don't like the measures, because de-clawing is big business.

    Though of course, cat owner bent on ripping the claws off their cats could just go to Oakland and smuggle the nerf-like cat back across the bridge.

    The board could vote on the issue this year.

    Photo by Flickr user pinto_2003.

    Jackson West figures it might help cut down on the rodent population in San Francisco.