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San Francisco Dissed in Gay City List

Stereotypes dashed in this gay friendly equation.



    San Francisco Dissed in Gay City List
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    WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA - JUNE 10: Same-sex wedding cake topper figurines are seen at Cake and Art cake decorators June 10, 2008 in West Hollywood, California. Business is increasing sharply for local wedding services in the days leading up to the start of legal marriages for gay and lesbian couples June 17. Same-sex weddings could grow the California wedding industry by $684 million and, over the next three years, add $64 million to the state's budget, a study by the Williams Institute at UCLA's law school reports. The California Supreme Court refused to stay its decision legalizing same-sex marriage despite calls by conservative and religious opponents for the court to stop same-sex couples from marrying before an initiative to amend the state constitution to ban gay marriage goes to ballot in November. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images) released its second annual list of the gayest cities in America and to the surprise of most in the Bay Area, San Franciscodid not make the top ten.

    The online publication admitted their calculations were completely unscientific, but claim they are "strangely accurate."  The key to the findings may be that the list is looking for a per capita number.

    Among the factors the Advocate used in its equation:

    • profiles
    • Number of listed officiants for gay weddings
    • Number of openly gay elected officials
    • Lesbian bars
    • Gay friendly religious congregations

    And this is what they came up with:

    1. Minneapolis
    2. Santa Fe, N.M.
    3. Las Vegas
    4. Orlando, Fla.
    5. Pittsburgh
    6. Vancouver, Wash.
    7. Atlanta
    8. Washington, D.C.
    9. Seattle
    10. St. Louis
    11. San Francisco
    12. Cleveland
    13. Denver
    14. Oakland
    15. Miami

    If its correct, or even close, it shows that homosexuals are branching out beyond the enclaves of Provincetown, West Hollywood and the Castro and into the heartland of America. Remember, Minneapolis is home to the Mall of America.

    As for the Bay Area showings on the above list, the Advocate wrote about No.11 San Francisco:

    Heaven will be much like San Francisco, according to Belize, a character in Tony Kushner’s play Angels in America. “Big city. Overgrown with weeds, but flowering weeds. On every corner a wrecking crew and something new and crooked going up catty corner to that ... and big dance palaces full of music and lights and racial impurity and gender confusion.” The description of San Francisco, gentrifying but still scrappy, suits the gay daddy of American cities. The gay-friendliest straight mayor in history, Gavin Newsom, is leaving office to become California’s lieutenant governor, possibly to be succeeded by the city’s first openly gay mayor. Possible candidates include out pols Bevan Dufty and Tom Ammiano.

     And here's what it had to say about No. 14 Oakland:

    Now that San Francisco’s too pricey for most of the middle class — including artists and the funky gays — Oakland has become the Brooklyn of the West Coast. In fact, according to an Urban Institute analysis of U.S. Census data, Oakland has the second highest concentration of same-sex couple households in the country as far as large metro areas go (behind San Francisco). Back in 2004, officials promoted economic development by proposing an official gay business district. Since then the city has welcomed a surge of gay nightlife, an annual Black LGBT Film Festival (, and even a nude yoga studio for men (