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San Francisco Eyes Progressive Death Match

Nob Hill resident eyeing move in possible effort to replace mayor's most vocal critic



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    Bart Vis
    Sparks has certainly earned the respect and admiration of San Francisco Pride attendees for her equanimity and judgement.

    San Francisco's Board of Supervisors elections have long been a test of leftist voter sentiment, with even the most conservative neighborhoods electing representatives that would stand little or no chance in statewide or national campaigns.

    And the campaign for District Six is shaping up to be a battle for a progressive Democrat's soul.

    While everything is still in the rumor-mill stage, said rumors have Human Rights Commissioner Theresa Sparks considering a move, and then a run, for the seat of firebrand Chris Daly.

    Daly has been the most vocal and stubborn opponent of San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom during their time at City Hall, and toyed with the possibility of running for mayor himself in the previous election, ultimately declining.

    Sparks, however, was appointed by Newsom to both the Police Commission, where she served as president, and more recently the Human Rights Commission.

    Nob Hill-resident Sparks has been seen about town with a mayoral aide in the SOMA district where she used to work and which just happens to lie in Daly's district.

    If she chose to declare her candidacy, it would prove a tough row to hoe for rumored challengers like artist Debra Walker and the Board of Education's Jane Kim.

    Photo by Bart Vis.

    Jackson West respects Sparks's record, and hopes that if ultimately elected shows the kind of independence from her political benefactor that Bevan Dufty has.