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San Francisco Gets a New Pilot

NBC reportedly will shoot a new show in San Francisco starting early next year



    San Francisco Gets a New Pilot
    Tom Hilton
    NBC is hoping it has better luck with San Francisco a second time around.

    There must be something NBC likes about San Francisco. The television network is coming back to the city by the bay to film a new pilot next year.

    Let's hope for San Francisco's sake NBC doesn't catch lighting in a bottle twice. Earlier this year the home of prime time Jay Lenospent $3 million an episode for a plot less drama about EMT workers racing from one Bay Area disaster to the next.

    "Trauma" was quickly pulled from life support after 13 episodes, that were already paid in full.   Now starting next year NBC/Out of the Box Productions will begin filming the story of a divorced San Francisco lawyer turned mediator and hope for better returns.

    The drama is a big coup for the financially strapped city that recently canned the head of its film commission.

    "Facing Kate" will spend three days shooting a pilot in the City early next year. The show will air on the USA Network and star former "Battlestar Galactica" actor Michael Trucco, Virginia Williams of "Lie to Me" and Sarah Shahi as Kate.