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San Francisco Looking Into Nanny Parking Permits



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    The San Francisco Metropolitan Transportation Authority is considering a new type of parking permit exclusively for childcare providers, according to the Washington Post.

    A group of local parents are lobbying for their nannies who are often caught parking during hours that can land them stiff fines.

    "People hear 'parking for nannies' and assume it's some elitist thing, but we're working parents and this is a huge safety issue," said Roxanne Stachon, a civil engineer and mother of two from the city's Russian Hill neighborhood, who is leading the charge for the special permits.

    But not everyone thinks this is a good idea.

    "If you keep letting people get permits, it places another strain on a fragile system and eventually it will reach the breaking point," said Tom Radulovich, executive director of Livable City, a group that promotes transportation reform in San Francisco.

    Under the draft plan, a household would be able to trade one of its four allotted annual parking permits for a childcare-provider permit, Bond Yee, director of the transportation agency's Sustainable Streets program, who supervised the creation of the nanny-parking proposal. The family would have to provide a birth certificate proving that at least one of the children in the household is age 12 or younger, as well as a signed affidavit swearing that the permit will be used solely for childcare purposes.

    If approved, San Francisco would be the largest U.S. city to have such a  permit.