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San Francisco MTA Passes Muni Budget

Budget contains plenty of wishful thinking



    A crowded muni car on the K line at Church.

    On Tuesday the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency voted to pass the budget for Muni service in the City.

    The Board of Supervisors now has until the end of June to bicker and argue over the budget, which calls for 10 percent service cuts across the board.

    Some of that service might be restored in the coming years, but then the budget suggests that fare increases are also to be expected by then, including another quarter for single rides and at least a dollar more for monthly passes.

    The budget also calls for a reduction in payroll of $20 million over the next two years, though all efforts on that front have failed so far.

    What's not in the budget is any increase in parking revenue through extending meter hours or raising parking rates.

    What is still in the budget are $59.3 million that will go to other city departments thanks to "work orders," such as Muni paying for police protection that it rarely gets.

    Jackson West would like to point out that the SFMTA board was entirely appointed by the City's "transit first" mayor who's chauffeured in an SUV on the City's dime.