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San Francisco Mayoral Candidate Wants to Ban Straight Marriage

Write-in candidate's campaign is also filled with several other colorful quotes.



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    City of San Francisco
    San Francisco's City Hall has long been filled with colorful characters.

    San Francisco has long been known for its colorful political theatre and its latest mayoral race has its own chapters.

    The San Francisco Examiner introduces us to Mat Honan,  a freelance writer and a self-declared write-in candidate for mayor.

    On his website, Honan claims people want him to run for mayor "because I can f----ing fix it."

    His campaign is filled with colorful slogans and amazing promises, including a promise to ban straight marriage.

    The slogans range from "Pull Up Your Damn Pants" to "Ban Straight Marriage."

    But one of his promises hasn't gotten him into some early trouble with his supporters. Honan promised to warn his supporters of any earthquakes before they happen.

    Honan let his fans down last week when he failed to predict the East Bay quakes that shook the City as well.

    Oh well, there's always his promised to fence-in the Marina or ban Medjool.