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Report: San Francisco Swings Right

End of a liberal era?



    Report: San Francisco Swings Right
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    A new conservatism is raining on liberals' parades in San Francisco.

    San Francisco is getting richer.

    That means that despite a plastic bag ban, high minumum wage and medical marijuana, San Francisco is also becoming more conservative, according to some projections and predictions.

    Has Michael Savage reclaimed his city?

    With a richer workforce and a smaller middle class, San Francisco is certainly trending away from its flower-child past.

    And with the working classes also spread in outlying cities, the city's rich labor history is also having trouble repeating itself, according to Salon.

    Union organizers say that workers have a harder time attending rallies due to lengthy commutes. That means the longstanding traditions of protests and rallies may have a hard time in the future.

    Newcomers to the city associated with technology tend to trend libertarian, according to the Web site, which doesn't bode well for organizing. Since techies haven't yet shown with votes how they feel on all the issues, some questions remain.

    Chief among them is the question of whether the people who created "San Francisco values" can continue to afford the city, according to Salon -- or if $4 toast will become the norm.