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San Francisco Pooch Shows Off New Jawbone

Whiskey is one of eight dogs to undergo the procedure.



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    Gregory Urquiaga/UC Davis
    This is Whiskey.

    A San Francisco pooch showed off his new jawbone today thanks to University of California at Davis biomedical engineers and veterinary surgeons.

    Whiskey, an 80-pound Munsterlander dog native to the Bay Area chewed on doggie treats provided by his owner to display his strong jaw line that was reconstructed after he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor that invaded his jaw.

    Engineers and surgeons at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine's Center for Companion  Animal Health helped Whiskey become one of  eight dogs that have received newly grown jawbones after facing jaw removal,  with no other medical options to maintain normal jaw function.

    Whiskey was going to have to remove a section of his lower left  jawbone.

    UC Davis researchers found a way to re-grow missing sections of  jawbone using special titanium plates and screws, along with a matrix of bone growth-promoting proteins and scaffolding material to support the bone.