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San Francisco Zoo: It's a Girl!

What's new at the zoo you ask? A newborn gorilla!



    San Francisco Zoo: It's a Girl!
    San Francisco Zoo
    Her first night went well, she drank and maintained a good body temperature.

    The San Francisco Zoo has announced the birth of a baby gorilla.

    A healthy 5-pound, 1-ounce western lowland gorilla was born Wednesday. It is the first off spring for mom Nneka and the second for dad Oscar Jonesy.

    The entire six-member gorilla troop at the zoo has been taken off exhibit for a few days so that they can bond with the new little one.

    The birth means, four-year-old Hasani is no longer the baby of the San Francisco gorilla family.

    “The next few days are very important in terms of integrating the baby into the troop, but we feel very blessed to be able to contribute to the population of this critically endangered species," San Francisco Zoo President Tanya said.

    Nneka is the offspring of the zoo’s female gorilla Bawang and its former silverback Mkubwa.

    Zoo staff is now work the new mom to teach her how to feed and take care of her baby.

    The western lowland gorilla is a critically endangered species, according to the zoo. 

    They are found in Africa with populations in Cameroon, the Central African Republic, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and the Republic of Congo, the actual number of gorillas in the wild is unknown due to their habitation in some of the world’s densest and most remote rainforest regions.

    They can weigh up to 440 pounds and stand four to five feet when standing upright on two feet.

    There are currently 342 western lowland gorillas at 53 AZA-accredited zoos North America.