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Frank Chu Shows Tea Partiers How It's Done

National day of protest wouldn't be complete without tea party in San Francisco



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    These young whipper-snappers weren't carrying the usual signs you might see when a protest descends on San Francisco's City Hall.

    If it weren't for the signs, you might have mistaken Thursday's gathering of aging white folks in Union Square for the typical tourist traffic in San Francisco's ritzy shopping district.

    But with signs like "Starve the Beast," and "Healthcare is NOT a right!" it's pretty clear that this was not your typical tourist crowd -- or San Francisco protest.

    It did have one hallmark of every successful San Francisco political outing -- an appearance by local crazy sign-carrying legend, Frank Chu.

    And on the crazy sign scale, yes, the tea party protesters could be considered amateurs.

    The protest was organized by Bay Area Patriots and meant to coincide with a slightly larger protest in Washington, D.C. that capped a nationwide tour.

    Well, not quite nationwide -- it started in Nevada.

    But give it to Frank Chu.  He's been waving his sign and complaining about every sitting U.S. president for over a decade, so anyone would come off as a rank amateur by comparison.

    Jackson West recommends taking the cable care up the Fairmont for afternoon high tea.